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Program 1: Fibonacci
Program 2: Prime Number
Program 3: Palindrome
Program 4: Factorial
Program 5: Reverse
Program 6: Square root without function
Program 7: Swap numbers
Program 8: GCD LCM
Program 9: Largest Smalllest
Program 10: Positive Negative
Program 11: Odd Even
Program 12: Sum of n natural numbers
Program 13: Copy elements from one array to another
Program 14: Frequency of array elements
Program 15: Rotate left elements of array
Program 16: Get duplicate array elements
Program 17: Reverse array elements
Program 18: Array odd and even position elements
Program 19: Array largest and smallest element
Program 20: Array sum of elements
Program 21: Array right rotate
Program 22: Array elements sorting
Program 23: Array remove duplicate
Program 24: Matrix addition
Program 25: Matrix multiplication
Program26: Lower triangular matrix
Program27: Upper triangular matrix
Program28: Transpose matrix
Program29: Identity matrix
Program30: Sparse matrix
Program31: String count characters
Program32: String check anagram
Program33: String all subsets
Program34: String divide in 'n' equal parts
Program35: String longest repeating sequence
Program36: String permutation
Program37: String remove white space
Program38: String change case
Program39: String maximum and minimum occurring character
Program40: String reverse
Program41: Linear search
Program42: Binary search
Program43: Bubble sort
Program44: Selection sort
Program45: Insertion sort
Program46: Base conversion
Program47: Leap Year
Program48: Temperature conversion [Fahrenheit - Celsius]
Program49: Array - add and delete element in 1-dimensional array
Program50: Array - swap adjacent elements